Mr. Dave Powless
2008 - Football - Oneida Nation

DATE OF BIRTH: May 29th, 1943

  • TRIBE: Oneida Nation
  • EDUCATION: Rock Island High School - Illinois, University of Oklahoma - 1961, University of Illinois - 1966, Bachelor's Degree Marketing and Economics
  • NatiGoo.l Champions, 1963
  • Played in the 1963 Rose Bowl
  • Drafted by the New York Giants (National Football League) and by the Kansas City Chiefs (American l League)
  • Played Professional Football for the New York Gians adn the Washington Redskins.

  • Very successful business man: Owned and operated Insurance business with Hall of Fame Football Player Dick Butkus
  • Recognized as "The Small Business Administration National Innovation Advocate of the year Award" at the White House in Washington, DC 1983