Angelita Rosel
1973 - Table Tennis - Sioux

DATE OF BIRTH: March 28, 1956
  • BIRTH PLACE: San Francisco, California
  • TRIBE: Sioux
  • EDUCATION: Unknown
  • SPORTS DATA: Table Tennis

  • 1966 - Competed in World Junior Table Tennis Championship. England
  • 1967 - Toured the U.S. as member of the U.S. Women’s Team competing against the Peoples Republic of China.
  • 1972 - Tied for 1st Place in USA finals for World Championships.
  • 1973 - Competed in the World Table Tennis Championships at Savajevo,Yugoslavia. Represented the USA in singles, mixed and women’s doubles.
  • Angelita is a very talented young lady and at the age of 17 is a remarkably accomplished athlete. She is of Sioux and Phillipino ancestry, and justly proud of both.
  • Angelita began playing table tennis at the age of nine and achieved such incredible proficiency that at 12 she became US Singles Champion for girls under 13.
  • After winning a number of national titles, in 1973 she qualified to compete in the World Championships in Savajevo, Yugoslavia.