Bemus Pierce
1973 - Football - Seneca

DATE OF BIRTH: February 28, 1873
  • BIRTH PLACE: Seneca Reservation, New York
  • TRIBE: Seneca
  • EDUCATION: Carlisle
  • SPORTS DATA: Football: Guard - Carlisle

  • Honorable Mention All-American Guard 1894
  • Second Team All-American Guard 1896
  • Captain Carlisle 1895, 1896, and 1897
  • Professional Football Homestead Athletic Club 1900 - 1901
  • Bemus Pierce became one of Carlisle’s first All-Americans as a result of his ferocious playing at the line position. His six foot one and one-half inches, 225 pounds of muscle left vivid impressions on those who came in contact with him in football wars. In the years from 1894 to 1897 he reaped the plaudits of football coaches, sportswriters and the public for his prowess on the gridiron with the famous Indian teams of the time.