Louis Sockalexis
2000 - Baseball - Penobscot

DATE OF BIRTH: October 24, 1871
DATE OF DEATH: December 24, 1913
  • BIRTH PLACE: Indian Island, Maine
  • TRIBE: Penobscot
  • EDUCATION: Old Town High School, Old Town, Maine
    St. Mary’s College, Van Buren, Maine
    Holy Cross College, Worcester, Maine
    Notre Dame University, South Bend, Indiana
  • SPORTS DATA: Baseball, Football

  • Played football and baseball at Holy Cross and Notre Dame.
  • First Native American to Play Professional Baseball.
  • 1894-1895 Batted .444 over two seasons - spectacular home runs, stole 6 bases in one game .
  • 1897 Batted .338 for Cleveland Spiders (Indians). . .Legend has it that Cleveland changed their name in honor of Louis F. Sockalexis - touted the Most Popular Player in the league.
  • 1956 Inducted into the Holy Cross Athletic Hall of Fame
  • 1969 Charter Member of the Maine Baseball Hall of Fame
  • 1985 Inducted into the Maine Sports Hall of Fame
  • "known during his playing days as ‘Chief of Sockem’ and ‘Deerfoot of the Diamond’. . .Sockalexis hit homeruns and made incredible throws from the outfield but he found it difficult to adjust to playing in the major leagues." The First Cleveland Indian - David L Fleitz.
  • New York Yankee’s General Manager, Ed Barrow said, "Sockalexis was the greatest out fielder in history, the best hitter, the best thrower, the best fielder"..