Louis "Rabbit" Weller
1972 - Football - Caddo

DATE OF BIRTH: March 2, 1904
  • BIRTH PLACE: Anadarko, Oklahoma
  • TRIBE: Caddo
  • EDUCATION: Haskell Institute, Lawrence, Kansas
  • SPORTS DATA: Football (Track, Baseball, Basketball)

  • Football :
    • All-State, Kansas four years
    • All-American honorable mention Team two-years
    • No. 1 All-Western Team chosen by Knute Rockne
    • Second All-American Team by United Press
  • Professional Football:
    • Boston Redskins of the NFL for one year
    • Tulsa Oilers of the AFL for one year
  • Dr. James Naismith, the "Father of Basketball" is quoted as saying the Weller was "the most efficient dribbler" in the history of basketball up to that time.
  • In a personal dedication to Louis Weller by Frank W. McDonald former Haskell Athletic Director and author of the book, "John Levi of Haskell", he states: "Louie" Rabbit Weller has given me many, many thrills watching him "cavort" on the gridiron." "Your fabulous record as an athlete at the greatest of all Indian Schools. . . You have played an outstanding part in making Haskell famous."