Pete W. Shephard
2007 - Football - Santee Sioux

DATE OF BIRTH: July 24, 1908
DATE OF DEATH: December 28, 1990

  • BIRTH PLACE: Flandreau, South Dakota
  • TRIBE: Santee Sioux
  • EDUCATION: Flandreau High School, Flandreau, SD
    Haskell Institute, Lawrence, KS
    Chillicothe Business College, Chillecothe, MO - BA
    University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK - MA Degree
  • SPORTS DATA: Football

  • 1928 - 1931 Football Quarterback and Defensive Linebacker, on Haskell Institutes greatest teams!
  • Intercepted four passes in one game.
  • Was identified as the best blocker in the country while playing for the Haskell Indians!
  • Ability, Integrity, Sportsmanship and Character, Pete Shepherd had them all!
  • A Great leader in Indian Education.